Cristina Pope is the Principal of The Pioneer School.  A brilliant and seasoned educator, Cristina is a graduate of Oxford University in the UK and has taught children and young adults of all ages.  She is fluent in Spanish, devours literature, and runs a sustainable permaculture homestead with a small herd of dairy goats and many chickens. Cristina demands excellence from her students and encourages them to set their sights high in all endeavors.  She is also well-versed in ’emotional intelligence’ and fosters these soft skills so important in adult life in all our Pioneer children.  She will often say, “Be Epic!” 


Teri Aboulafia is Administrative Director at The Pioneer School. Prior to founding The Pioneer School, Teri worked for 9 years supporting her children’s Montessori schools with marketing, networking, fundraising, a PTO, and substitute teaching. After her two children participated in an amazing ‘homestead camp’ with Cristina, Teri recruited her to be partners in starting a middle school for families wanting a more organic, engaging, and holistic educational experience.  Together, they make a fantastic team that’s eager to bring out the best in their students!